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Today is the Release Date for the new Kooley High Album “Eastern Standard Time”. Wonder if they will send me a CD…  Lets get to the last of 5 Interviews. Tab-One is my favorite MC out of all Kooley High Members. I really dig his mellow voice and rap style. Just listen to his Free […]

Part 3 of the Kooley High interview special. Charlie Smarts talks about the elements of hip-hop, lets you know what he battles with and shares his thoughts concerning the media. Give his Free Download Album a listen and check out this live band he´s also a part of named Inflowential. Enjoy!

Foolery is Kooley High´s man on the boards. Enjoy the following artist profile interview i did with the Beat Maker from North Carolina and find out what he had to say about travelling, drugs, the media and much more…

Here we go with the first of five exclusive Kooley High artist profile interviews. I made them about two years ago. Sorry for not posting it earlier Rapsody! This is a very lengthy and interesting read. Make sure to download 9th Wonder Presents: RAPSODY REPLAY and keep supporting good music.




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