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„Follow the life of the Minimoog Synthesizer from its inception through its prolific contributions to poplular music throughout the last 4 decades. In this first installment documenting the journey of the Minimoog synth through the 1970’s, we explore the musicians and the people that were instrumental in bringing the instrument to prominence. We also sit […]

Thanks to following artists for the good free music: Knowsum – „The Most Awkward„, HairyBo – „salmagundian hotchpotch„, form – „Die Treppe von Tucholsky„, Katrah-Quey –  „Beat Tape Shenmue„. Share if you like. More free and legal album downloads here.

„Internationally renowned photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand makes his feature directorial debut with this environmentally conscious documentary produced by Luc Besson, and narrated by Glenn Close. Shot in 54 countries and 120 locations over 217 days, Home presents the many wonders of planet Earth from an entirely aerial perspective. As such, we are afforded the unique opportunity […]


„Hope For Tomorrow“ –> 38 Tracks of 100% unreleased material from artists around the globe for 6 dollars. Whilst the events of March 11th were sudden, the memories will be forever etched in the mind of those mourning the loss of their friends and family. A tragedy of such unspeakable horrors has rarely been captured so extensively […]

Fake Four Inc: Just days after the Japan earthquake and subsequent tsunami and radiation disasters, the Fake Four, Inc. camp received a welcomed message from rapper Kaigen, one of our closest allies from the island nation. He told us he was safe, though having seen the devastation first hand, he urged us to help aid […]

J.Dilla: Still Shining [Documentary]

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„Created in 2006, this remembrance piece is created as a tribute to the memory and legacy of James „J.Dilla“ Yancey. This is a piece designed for his fans and supporters who knew of his accomplishments before February 2006 and those that have grown to appreciate his genius. Here, we gain a greater insight and understanding […]

Berlin producer Robot Koch and the native New Yorker MC John Robinson combined forces, to deliver us nothing but the future. Just listening to the snippet, i can tell, that this is gonna be one of the hottest records of the year 2011! The album cover by itself makes me wanna get a copy of […]




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