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Der niederländische Produzent Kratos Himself setzt nach seinem Kurzrelease „A Town Called Imaginarium“ und diversen Kollaborationen seine Phantasiereise mit „Imagination“ auf dem polnischen Export Label fort. Mit der Hilfe von Live-Instrumenten und einem Gastbeitrag von Teknical Development gelingt ihm ein musikalisch tiefgründiger, kribbelnd atmosphärischer Release, der nach mehr schreit. Leider wird diese Sehnsucht vorerst nur mit vier zweifellos kompetenten Remixen der Songs gestillt. Insgesamt aber Grund genug für uns, um mal ein paar Worte mit diesem interessanten Produzenten aus dem Nachbarland zu wechseln.


Liebhaber von „Imagination“ sollten schnell bei der limitierten CD-Auflage zugreifen.


 „‚Imagination‘ is an EP that represents the more trippy side of Kratos‘ imagination. Deep basses, ethereal melodies and soundscapes by which you can get lost in your imagination.“


WildstyleMag: First things first. Please tell us a bit about you as a musician and producer.

Kratos Himself: Well, I’m a dutch guy who started making hip-hop beats somewhere in 2008/2009 and I’m continuously trying to improve, evolve and surprise myself. I think it all started with recording my teachers in class with a mp3 player and cutting them up making them say nasty stuff.

I released some music such as „A Town Called Imaginarium“ on Jus Like Music, a release I’m reaaallllyy proud of and ‚Imagination‘ on Export. On this release there are some really nice artists who took the time to remix my tunes and it has been become a really nice release on limited c.d.’s. I have another release on Jus Like Music on November the 4th. Including some new tunes of myself and remixes of tracks taken from ‚A Town Called Imaginarium‘. This will be the last of 3 releases within the realm of imagining.


The first Kratos tune I have ever listened to was „Lonely Ride“. This beautiful song was also part of the Project Mooncircle 10th anniversary compilation on vinyl.  So, does this song have a special meaning to you?

Sort of. It was my first song on vinyl on a decent label. But I think it was a bit to soon for me. It was just one of those songs that popped out at that time when just I became serious about my music. It does bring up some personal memories. I almost lost this song due to the fact that my computer broke because of an evil pack of strawberry flavored milk with the intention to kill my computer. I even tried to remake it. But luckily I was able to recover the song from my hard disk, I’m doing back-up’s ever since.


Your latest release is called „Imagination“. What kind of images would you like to create with your music in the mind of your listeners? Or is it totally up to them?

„Imagination“ is part of a series of 3 releases. All dedicated to the imagination of whoever is listening. „Imagination“ is the darkest one of the 3 and some songs are quite trippy. Also the song titles may point the listener in a mere direction but it’s up to them really, that’s the whole theme behind these releases.


„Imagination“ is described as „a balance between the organic and the electronic“.  Now, borders of genres and styles become less and less important in the beat scene. In reverse, there is a lot of creative potential through mixing genres. Does this change affect your approach to music and producing in some way?

All genres, even the real shitty ones probably have something that’s interesting to me. I’ve always enjoyed music from different genres and have always in a way been influenced by those. Together with Deon Custom I even make a totally different kind of music as „KRSTM“ than I usually make. I think music has always been influenced by other genres and with people creating new styles comes the people who have the irresistible urge of naming these styles. Lately I do feel all of this happens at a much faster rate. I like it, it’s refreshing.


Wir danken Kratos Himself für Rede und Antwort! Wer ihn außerdem live erleben möchte, kann dies noch in diesem Monat tun.


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