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XEptional ist ein noch junger Beatmaker aus Agadir, Marokko. Auf seinem 14 Beats starken Instrumental-Album liefert er den Hörern feinen Boom Bap auf Samplebasis. Gute zwei Minuten pro Track wird der Körper und vor allem der Kopf nach vorne gedrückt, um den Sound in sich aufzusaugen. Den Stream und ein paar Fragen an XEptional gibts nach dem Sprung!




What do you use normally to make music?

I like to use software for making the beats, cuz maybe software gives u more possibilities on your samples , but you have to find your own way of making music , cuz every artist has his own way of making their own music , it took time for me to reach my own way of making this stuff on softwares, but it wasn’t worthless .
Now i’m happy with what i’m making and i hope that other people appreciate the music i make and love it
and finally its not about the machine or hardware an artist is using but its about the man behind the machine.

What do you want to express with your music?

What i wannna express through my music is the love of music , as simple as this for me to pick a sample and make something else out of it it means give your own touch that’s me loving this music, i love hip hop i love funk , jazz , soul , classical music …. and i want people to see how can i make a classical song for example sound more like my style of music my kind of sound by chopping and adding beats and get like the right parts on that old classic songs, put all this together and you have like my version of that song or maybe you can get a totaly new song….
And of course i wanna express maybe my feelings on these beats.

How would you describe the music scene in your area?

Here in Morocco, we don’t have alot of pure hip hop lovers sill not a big number but there’s classic lovers wherever you go of course, but we have rappers here keeping it real to this kind of music and still for example rap to these beats , yes of course we have these kind of rappers , but for producers there’s not much producers who work out this kind of music.
But i love music here !! There is alot of talented people here and that’s what i love !!

How important is it for you, to play live shows?

Playing live shows is so important in every music style, any music style, its the link between the artist and the listener
a link of energy , so music without live shows is not music, cuz its an art and i think no artist would say the opposite.


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