The Grouch verlässt die Living Legends Crew.

von Seff Wrights am 13 Jun. 2012 in Allgemein|Stream
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Traurige Nachrichten erreichen uns. Nach über 15 Jahren verlässt The Grouch die Living Legends. Seinem Statement zufolge gab es wohl Unstimmigkeiten zwischen ihm und einem anderen Mitglied der Legends. Er habe viel Liebe für Aesop, Murs, Eligh, Sunspot, Scarub, Bicasso und Luckyiam… Das ganze Satement könnte ihr einen Klick weiter lesen.

„To my family, friends, and supporters,

This passing year has already been an extremely significant time for many of us. I’ve been hard at work both in and out of the studio and have been experiencing a great growth period in my life. New understanding of myself and my place in our current world has kept me on my game like never before.

Recently, I’ve been concentrating on rehabilitating physical injury, learning and practicing new meditation and intuitive development techniques, maintaining a career as a truly independent artist, playing soccer, and making fresh new music. Above and beyond that, I’ve been celebrating health and happiness with my family while enjoying the ever challenging, yet rewarding gift of fatherhood.

I’m excited to announce that there are future Grouch as well as Grouch and Eligh projects in the works right now. Eligh is currently here in Hawaii with me and we are knocking out new songs everyday! I’m highly inspired by the intriguing island of Maui and so many talented people I’ve been blessed to know worldwide. It feels refreshing to be incorporating recent discoveries and experiences into new recordings.

With the release of the Trojan Horse video, I am announcing an official hiatus from the group Living Legends. This will come as a surprise to some. It could have appeared by our recent performance at Paid Dues and release of the Trojan Horse song and video that there was momentum building towards future projects. The truth is, the group has not been very active as a unit for four years now. To effectively operate as a group of eight grown men, each on different parts of individual journeys, is far from an easy task. Believe me, it’s been hard enough at times just to get all eight guys in one place to take a picture!

I will always cherish the legacy we have created as independent underground hip hop pioneers, but my participation in Living Legends serves neither myself nor the group at this time. I have major love for Aesop, Murs, Eligh, Sunspot, Scarub, Bicasso and Luckyiam and I also have love for myself as well. I will not tolerate being slandered publicly by someone I consider a brother. Therefore, rather than leave listeners and the group wondering why we don’t continually work together, I am choosing to define my stance to bring some closure to an awesome chapter in my life.

I have tirelessly put my heart and soul into Living Legends for a greater part of over 15 years. LL is like a child of ours. I assure everyone reading this that no part of my decision has been based on chasing monetary gain or fame.

Every move I’ve made this year has been executed with the purest of intentions. I’ve been showered with amazing experiences and opportunities and I don’t take any of them for granted. I will continue to push my brand of conscious independent hip-hop far into the future. My goal is to keep growing as a successful artist with great music that offers mental stimulation and spiritual gain to those who choose to listen.“

Truthfully and Respectfully Yours. With Love,

The Grouch



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