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Welcome lovers of good music!

Here we go with the first Seff Wrights English blog entry. I did this interview a couple of months ago. Its still fresh though.

Im happy to present to you: Mike Eagle. Mike is a very nice guy an he makes some real good music. He is a member of the legendary Project Blowed Camp and part of the Swim Team Crew. Enjoy!

Seff Wrights: Any first words?

Mike Eagle: Sure…I have a question for you. There are nine bottles on my desk. Water, Beer, Root Beer, and Ginger Beer. How many are water?

Seff Wrights: Id say all of them mostly consist out of water. Dont get me wrong, but if thats american beer on your desk that you are talking about.. ;) So whats the answer Mike?

Mike Eagle: Five of them are water. But none of them are empty…interpret that however you like.

Seff Wrights: Let us get straight to the music. End of Octobre 09 you put up a free Download EP named “Another Roadside Attraction“. Do you know how many times the records has been downloaded to this day?

Mike Eagle: The official link of the project that I an monitor shows 1219 downloads at the moment. There are other links out there that I can’t track. So I’m going to assume its been downloaded 78,000 times total. Thats a nice round number right? Did you hear it? What did you think of it? Does it sound like something that could have been downloaded 78,000 times? Does it?

Seff Wrights: Honestly id say 78,000 downloads is too much. If your upload has been downloaded 1219 times. Not that it shouldnt be downloaded a million times since you , for my taste, make good music and the songs are for free. Id say 5000 – 10,000 download hits are realistic based on the 1219 times you can monitor. But maybe both of us are totally wrong and the EP is saved on a couple of million pcs and what not……

Mike Eagle: I was just being a jackhole…I’m sure it hasn’t been downloaded that much. I honestly wouldn’t put the actual number above 5,000. Its hard to give away free shit these days.

Seff Wrights: What I find an interesting question is how many Units you think you would have sold to this date if you would have released it on:

Tape: 43

Vinyl: 350

CD: I actually have sold 400 cd pressings of the EP that feature a bonus song that isn’t included in the download.

Digital Download: I haven’t the foggiest idea. I don’t have a good frame of reference for that medium just yet.But because I heart myself I’m gonna say 78,000 again.

Seff Wrights: Whats the idea behind giving away your music for free?

Mike Eagle: The idea was to make something that was singularly available to everyone at the same time regardless of economics and proximity. For me to make a definitive musical statement in that moment. It was an existential scream in a library. You ever screamed in a library?

Seff Wrights: Does making someone scream count….? haha

Mike Eagle: I don’t know if you mean killing or sexing, either way…how fucking inappropriate in a place of study??? You’re a damned barbarian.

Seff Wrights: What feedback did you receive after that scream?

Mike Eagle: People either loved it or they ignored it. Actually, that’s not true, there’s another segment of the listening group that dug it but hated the beats. Mostly they either hugged it or thumbed their nose at it.

Seff Wrights: How important is the web 2.0 to you? (as an artist and as a privat person)
Which plattforms do you use and why?
How much time do you spent online a day?

Mike Eagle: I think its important. I dont like it at all, but I think its important. I think every tweet, or status update or buzz is like a library scream. You log on and you’re like “look at all these people existing…i better fucking say something so I know that I exist!”. So they write about the sausage sandwich they just ate, or in my case, I try to organize the last “interesting” thought that I’ve had. And its important for artists to let people know that they exist. You have to promote your product. I kinda live online. Between my email, messageboards and wikipedia….its just sad.

Seff Wrights: It is! Plus painfull considering the back problems resulting from sittin in front of the Computer all day. ;) People should spend way more time in the physical world!
Have you ever thought about how much energy the internet “eats” each day…

Mike Eagle: Nope. I can safely say that I’ve never thought about that. The net costs energy, but in a way doesnt it save energy as well? Like petro saved from travelling to make broack and mortar transactions vs. e-transactions…i dont know…seems like a complicated equation…

Seff Wrights: You once told me in an interview when i asked you about the media: The media is a tool of the devil. They’re all controlled by the annual meetings of the Bilderberger group in Austria. All printed stories contain hints of the Illuminati’s eons old agenda.
Things seem so obvious. But whats the truth?! Why do you think that we as the people that do not believe in their lies still dont stand up united to fight for a better world?!

Mike Eagle: Because we lie, too. We all lie everyday. The days of the black and white conflict between good and evil are long gone. Every good piece of fiction underscores this somehow. Humans are not simple creatures. I wrote that old answer with an intentional sardonic firmness. I dont really (all the way) believe that. Is the media controlled? yes. But nobody’s forcing people to watch For the Love of Ray J. Thats not what they talk about in the Bilderberg meetings. I think the truth is that we as humans, particularly American humans, have some deep-seated psycho-social issues that create pop culture. We have a lot of pain and a lot of fear and most of the things that we do in public (and especially in private) come from those places.

Seff Wrights: Obama has been the president for over a year. Are you happy with what he has done so far?

Mike Eagle: I honestly dont know. I was kinda ready to celebrate him, and there is a part of me thats very proud that there’s a black president in America. And he’s obviously improving diplomatic relations and improving this country’s image in the world. What worries me is that there’s some elephants in the room in terms of how our government and economy are connected and until someone addresses the toxicity of those connections it will be business as usual. You cant expect me to believe that you want to make change and you’re working the congress to insure that Ben Bernanke is brought back as the Fed Chair. That feels like a hard slap in the face to me.

Seff Wrights: What is your opinion on the body scanners at airports?

Mike Eagle: I should give a shit but I dont. I dont think we’re going to win any battles at the airport. Safe air travel is too fragile of an equation. Once you’re up there..if anything goes wrong, there’s not much chance of a happy ending. I think air paranoia after 9/11 is here to stay. There’s no turning back from that kind of fear. Maybe we should just take the train. You can sneak a bazooka on a train.

Seff Wrights: Let me start some sentences and have you write what you feel:

Turning into a father…is a special kind of headtrip. Usually something this incredible comes and goes so fast that you dont really get to experience. But having a little human is a perpetual incredible. I stop many times while I’m with him to stop and experience the moments in their total amazingness. I try to speed through the diaper changes, though.

If i had to give up my standart of living in order to make the world more equal…I probably would. I like the idea of equality…I dont think I’ve ever truly experienced it though. I would think it interesting enough to try it out for sure.

When i woke up and heard the internet was to be shut off forever…I would try to download everything. then I’d be pissed off at all my useless electronics. Then I’d be happy because it would be 1987 again in the music industry.

One of the best LPs last year…I liked Paul Barman’s record “Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud” and I liked Busdriver’s “Jhelli Beam”. I listened to Doom’s records quite a few hundred times. I know this is the part of the interview where im supposed to show how hip I am, but mostly listen to old shit. Im a huge curmudgeon like that. This year though, its all about Nocando, Serengeti, Sahtyre, Rheteric, Dumbfoundead, Intuition, and E Super:

Thanks to you Mike!

Open Mike Eagle’s new LP “Unapologetic Art Rap” is available may via Mush Records. Support good artists and buy good music. Most important: Go to their shows!!!

Thats it for this time folks. I hope you had a good read. If you wanna know more about Open Mike Eagle make sure to check out his profile Interview on thebaske.com.

Be good to yourself and others!

Seff Wrights

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